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The Anais Nin Foundation was founded in 1981 by Rupert Pole, the first executor of the Anais Nin Trust. The purpose of this nonprofit corporation is to promote the appreciation and critical literary analysis, review and study of the writing of Anais Nin. 


The Anais Nin Trust was created in 1975 to manage the literary estate of Anais Nin.  The Trust is dedicated to preserving Anais Nin’s legacy through the promotion of Nin scholarship, productions, and publications.


The Trust and Foundation maintain copyrights over text, images, and recordings of or by Anais Nin. We also own the copyright for Henry Miller’s letters to Anais Nin and Ian Hugo’s engravings.


The art of Anais Nin cuts across the traditional literary categories. She combines poetic lyricism with an extended fable, blurring the distinction between poetry and prose. Her writings are presented to us both as separate, self-contained compositions and as part of a continuous work-in-progress; moreover they hover in that contemporary no-man’s land between autobiography and fiction.

-Philip K. Jason


While many writers see what is before their eyes, Anais Nin looks into the heart of what confronts her, dissolving barriers, allowing us to participate, through the alchemy of her words, into the depths of the things which surround us and in whose shallows most lives are spent.

-Wayne McEvilly